fifthRifle’s fiveQuestions

The aim of fiveQuestions is to uncover how different writers approach their work and the manner in which they work.

The questions will be aimed at writers of all types, and will be the same five questions each time so that comparisons can be made and contrasts discovered.

This will be a sporadic series, with the inaugural edition featuring Kieron GillenSimon Spurrier and Rob Williams from the Melksham Comic Con 2013.

The five questions are:

1. Where do you get started on a project?

2. Does the process change depending on the project’s end format?
The context for this may well be personal to the interviewees, for example for some this will be comic vs prose, others will be 6pg comic vs 20pg US comic arc vs 10 issue 5pg 2000AD arc. 

3. Where and when do you write?

4. How do you write (longhand, word processor, final draft, a text editor, etc)?

5. Why do you write?
The most basic of questions, I suppose, but I’m sure we’ll get some interesting answers!

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