fifthRifle is a collaboration between two writers new to the small press comic scene.

Alistair McLean is a founder member of fifthRifle. His influences are generally 2000AD centric, specifically the likes of John Wagner, Rob Williams, Michael Carroll, Al Ewing and Si Spurrrier.

Alistair posts on fifthRifle as akamactruck.

Richard Swabey is a founder member of fifthRifle. He grew up reading Marvel, although now prefers Image and Vertigo. He greatly admires the penmanship of Grant Morrison, Bill Willingham, Brian K Vaughan, Jeph Loeb, Jeff Smith and of course the amazing Bill Watterson. Outside of comics he loves the writing of Kurt Vonnegut, Philip K Dick and J G Ballard.

Richard posts on fifthRifle as RichardSwabey

We aim to write more for Jarjaz and Futurequake Press, but we also hope to spread our wings and produce scripts for other anthologies.

This blog will document our work but also act as a place where we can share our interests and introduce other like minded projects.

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