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So, if you just read the previous post you know that I have recorded an interview with Si Spurrier and another with Kieron Gillen, plus the promise of an email equivalent from Rob Williams.

These will form the inaugural editions of fifthRifle’s fiveQuestions.

The aim of fiveQuestions is to uncover how different writers approach their work and the manner in which they work.

The questions will be aimed at writers of all types, and will be the same five each time so that comparisons can be made and contrasts discovered.

This will be a sporadic series, but I have an historical texts writer lined up for a later edition, and others I have in mind to ask.

However with the big name inaugural line-up I think this is going to be really interesting. At very least I think it will warrant a permanent page above the banner, and maybe it’s own site eventually, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I have a fair amount of transcribing and editing to do to get the inaugural edition together and to a standard that is befitting of the interviewees, so this may take some time, but I look forward to you all getting to hear from these fantastic writers.