It’s just gone 5.45am on Sunday morning as I start to write this, and I’ve been awake since 4am. There is SOOOO much going through my head after yesterday. We had such a great day out, and we spoke to, sorry LISTENED to, so many people with interesting things to say.

Where to start? Let’s just write it and see what happens.

Met up with Dave from Zarjaz and David Broughton which was really nice. David has just sent the last pages for our story to Dave though we haven’t seen them ourselves yet. Dave was very encouraging and we’d both like to pitch some more stories to him in the near future, though at this stage that’s not likely to Baby Jays….unless there’s a an avalanche of positive feedback!

We also had a nice chat with the lovely people at the Psychedelic Journal. Having now met both of them I can only say they’ve doubled their standing in my eyes. I submitted a wee strip to them last week. I really have no idea whether it fits their vision for the journal as I only picked up volume 1 yesterday. I’ll be interested to hear what they have to say either way.

We did manage to spend some time with Connor Boyle from Disconnected. Picked up volume 2 plus the one about bears (hey, it’s only just 6am, I’ll remember the name later!). Volume 3 is in the pipeline, but they also have plans afoot to broaden their vision, or perhaps it’s more changing the focus. Well I’m looking forward to seeing it regardless.

I’ll go into other titles I picked up in a later post, but it’s a good pile.

I also need to mention Stacey Whittle from the Small Press Big Mouth podcast. She spoke to someone stood next me and I reconised her voice having spent an hour mowing last weekend while she enthused about various comics. And what a lovely lady. She didn’t know me from Adam, but stopped to talk anyway. I need to get on board her Whittle Waffle blog and the anthology she edits…. Stacey also co-hosted the 2000ad mega panel – always a highlight.

As for the pros, Ian Gibson was sketching all day. Stopped at his table twice. He had some interesting tales of 2000ad back in the day, and some interesting opinions about the state of comics today. I’ll try to capture these in a later post.

Henry Flint was working like a man possessed in the signing room again this year. I saw a whole string of wonderful sketches in the space of a few minutes, and I got a Dredd to pair with one he did last year.

I managed to catch Boo Cook to sign his recent Gunheadz cover, and also got Ben Willsher to do the same for his latest Dredd wraparound cover. He also signed the Dredd ‘Down Time’ story….which brings me nicely to Michael Carroll who wrote (and signed my copy of) ‘Down Time’. I spent, no word of a lie, a whole hour talking to him and his wife. Lovely people. Again, I need to write about this chat later, but I’m an ever bigger fan of his now than I was before.

Rob Williams was the other writer I wanted to talk to and we started with the NFL – a subject that we both could have spoken about for the rest of the day it seems. But we got round to comics in the end. Again really encouraging. We spoke about structure and character, and Rob also recommended a couple of books on the subject, again I’ll share later. Rob signed an Ichabod Izrael cover and a copy of his new Dynamite series Miss Fury.

Was also privileged to be interrupted at one table (can’t say whose as they obviously planning something they can’t talk about) by Vertigo’s Executive Editor Shelly Bond and Mark Buckingham. Again really nice people, and Shelly seems to a fan of the UK and our chocolate. And Bourbon creams!

Right, I’m sure I’ve missed off a load of people, but I’ll address that when I edit this when I’m awake.

I could do it all again today 🙂