There are a mass of big names on the Bristol guest list with the Special Guest label being applied to David Lloyd and Ian Gibson, however I think there’s a case that there are a number of others that can be considered special too.

I imagine that the organisers must be very pleased to again see Mark Buckingham of Marvelman and Fables fame. But Vertigo’s Executive Editor Shelly Bond must be a bit of a coup. And they’re not letting her have an easy time either. She’s reviewing portfolios on both days as well as appearing with Mark for a Vertigo Q&A.

However from my point of view below are the guests I’m hoping to hear from, talk to or obtain signatures or artwork from. There are plenty of others who should have made this list but perhaps I’ve missed their announcement – sorry, if you’re one of them!

(BTW these are no particular order!!)

Ian Gibson

Henry Flint

Michael Carroll

Rob Williams

Boo Cook

Ben Willsher

John Higgins

Jim Alexander