A big thank you to Atomic Comics and Games in Yeovil for putting on a huge Free Comic Book Day event.

My two boys and I were there at 9.30 thinking we’d be the only ones, yet the place was packed already!

We were greeted with the offer of a free cake as soon as we walked in, then made our way through the other families to the FCBD table, and what a selection. Easily over 20 titles, maybe even 30.

Now the deal at Atomic was a free book for all, but if you came in fancy dress you got a second, so my two boys were dressed as a Jedi and Batman. At this point they were already struggling to decide what to pick when we were pointed to another table with another 12+ titles, with more on the rack alongside and even more on the counter. If Atomic didn’t have 70 different titles it must have been close.

So by this point confusion was starting to set in and each now also had a balloon and had had their picture taken, however we got some focus and the oldest chose a Superman book and Dragon Ball Z Kai (?!?), and the youngest went for a Batman cartoon title and one from the Turtles cartoon.

And (and this is really the point) they both read all the way home in the car and then sat and read when they got home, and for the youngest to sit still and read, well, that’s unheard of, so I’m especially pleased with that.

Atomic also deserve a mention for the charity they are supporting today. They’re raffling off comics and handing out additional FCBD issues to people who donate. They’re going to use what they raise to buy as many comics as they can at cost price and donate them to Yeovil District Hospital. A great idea, and I was more than happy to contribute especially in exchange for Infinity by Jonathan Hickman.

And in case you’re wondering my free FCBD title was of course ….. 2000AD.

And so once again thanks to Atomic and if you ever get the chance drop in and see them and tell ’em I sent ya!