In just one week we’ll be on our way home from the first day of the Bristol Comic Expo. So which of the panels and presentations do I have the highest hopes for? These are my top three:

1. 2000AD Mega Panel (Saturday, 5pm)

Anyone surprised this is my no. 1?!? To quote the expo’s own blurb:

“Once again compered by the lovely Iz McAuliffe & Stacey Whittle and featuring Ian Gibson, Michael Carroll, David Hine, Boo Cook, Mike Collins, Rob Williams, Ben Willsher, Henry Flint, David Roach & John Higgins (and maybe more to come!) ”

2. Writing workshop by Jim Alexander (day and time TBC)

This should be invaluable info from a pro who’s written for 2000ad (Calhab Justice, Pandora and O’Rork), DC (Birds of Prey, Batman) and Marvel (Marvel Masterpieces).

Jim will walk “us through the process and finer points of putting together a successful storyline”.

3. An Audience with Ian Gibson (Sunday 1pm)

A chance to hear from “UK comics legend Ian Gibson about his 35 years in the industry, his current projects and where he sees the future of comics heading”.

Ian is best known as THE artist for Halo Jones and Robo Hunter, plus one of the iconic original artists of Dredd.

Also worth a mention is the DC / Vertigo Q & A with Shelly Bond and Mark Buckingham on Saturday at 2pm. Shelly Bond is Executive Editor of the Vertigo imprint, and Mark Buckingham is best known for his work on Marvelman and Fables.