We’re very much still in the early stages of writing comics, learning a lot and exploring what we can do, but it’s all fairly straight forward so far, nice light stories which are fun to write. It’s always enlightening to come across people pushing their field, be it writing, film or gaming to do new things.

Which is when I came across this it was worth shouting about; That Dragon, Cancer.

This is a brave and difficult ‘game’ to create, which really shows the new and interesting ways that the gaming medium can be used to explore difficult and sometimes hopeless human realities.

I’m not sure I’d actually want to try it, but I feel I probably would and the creator, Ryan Greene, has my full respect for trying to create something that might give some peace or a positive message from the most personal of subjects.

Gaming has a unique ability, unlike any other medium, where you can become fully immersed in the experience, and it’s the sign of a maturing field that it’s starting to be used to properly explore aspects of the human psyche.

The article itself is also well written and you can tell the reporter Jenn Frank was genuinely moved by it.