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Both MacTruck and I go to the gym, quite often to be fair but not so you could tell.  Mainly as an escape from our work, what with the clicking and typing and the constant incessant bleating of other people. God I hate people sometimes, it’s the breathing… the raspy mouth breathing… just horrific. So the regular lunch time jaunt to the industrial shed down the road, in which to lift various heavy objects, in variety of manners and then putting them down again, is an exhausting and yet strangely cathartic past time.

Importantly though it is also the time I have all my best ideas, which is actually a bit frustrating because, as this is a proper gym, it’s incredibly frowned upon to be sitting and jotting them all down. You should be beefing and beefing with great gusto, only then do you gain approved nods from the various bulging mutants.

I’m not clear if it’s just being distracted, for example trying to not choke yourself with an overloaded bar, that frees up the mind to chew over ideas you’re too busy to properly consider earlier but you finish your last rep of jumping split squat blitzers and blam! an idea for a story jumps out on you. It proceeds to get far to close for comfort. You try and keep focusing on your next exercise but suddenly it’s like that man on the bus, the one who keeps jostling you and stroking your leg, makes it impossible to focus on anything else.

Which is why I can be found muttering to myself round the gym trying to flesh it out before it vanishes, which might explain the ever expanding circle around me as the session goes on. It also explains why I take so long in the shower, I’m in there jotting ideas down, not that anyone ever buys that excuse. In that environment it’s often less embarrassing to go down the alternate route as a rationale, at least that’s a reason they understand.

Point being always carry a pen and some paper, or a tablet, or something to jot notes down on, as typically your best ideas spring into life when you aren’t really thinking, and don’t worry about dropping everything to write it down there and then, people can wait, this is important! You wouldn’t want to lose that perfect idea for a new fan fiction of Dr House and Sherlock crossing lighting fast barbs while in the bath together. Wilson and Watson staring on disapprovingly yet helpless to stop them.

For me there is nothing like the gym for letting you zone out and let the mind roam unimpeded for a while. Then back to work where all your ideas become intellectual property of the company…

Anyway your reward for sitting through my rant is to check out here & here. I mean you must all do already I’m sure! It’s a great resource for those long session on the throne if nothing else.

Plus if you have a PS3 do yourself a favour and pick up Ni No Kuni, it’s a beautiful game, lovely sentiment, clever battle mechanics, sincere characters and Studio Ghibli do the in game animation for gods sake! What more could you possibly want.