I thought I should bring the site up to date with where we are.

Our first story, Baby Jays: Incident at Jimmee’s Hottie Eaterie has been drawn by the amazing David Broughton and will be in the next Zarjaz (issue 18 if memory serves).

David has also started work on second story Baby Jays: Destiny’s Plaza. We’ve seen the pencils of one of the pages already and I think David has surpassed his work on the previous strip, which I didn’t think possible!

Again, this is for Jarjaz. Destiny’s Plaza is a much bigger story than Jimmee’s. Jimmee’s is six pages, but Destiny’s Plaza is eighteen. Although this gave us much more scope it also means that we’ll occupy a fair bit of one issue of Jarjaz, so when they’ll have a gap for a story that size I don’t know. It many mean hoping for issue 19 might be wishful thinking.

As you not doubt noticed both stories come under the Baby Jays banner. This is something Richard and I came up with when thinking about Mega City One and what it would be like to live there. We decided that life as a citizen is not very pleasant, so we started to wonder if life would be better as a run-of-the-mill Judge.

Young Judges seemed to have the same life expectancy as the red-shirted, unnamed character in Star Trek TOS who accompanies Kirk anywhere, i.e. no longer than the next scene!

So that set us down the path of investigating life as a new Judge, a “Baby J”.

Jimmee’s introduces us to two youngsters: Ricardo and Brookes. Both have been on the streets just a matter of weeks.

In Destiny’s Plaza two others join the story: Oldby and Kline.

We have ideas for a third Baby Jays story – assuming any of the four survive that far!

In the meantime we each plan to work on a couple of one-off stories.

Richard has a some great ideas that he’s hoping to target at Future Quake, but I can’t say too much: don’t want to give the endings away!

I’m working on a Tales of Mega City One that explores the “what’s it like to live there” theme from another perspective. I also have the start of an idea percolating away that I have high hopes, though currently it’s a bit high-concept and needs a bit of grounding. I’m hoping that Jarjaz will like both of these when I have something to show them.

Well, that’s where we are today. If Jarjaz or David post any previews, then we’ll make sure we highlight them here.