2000AD Prog 1823 arrived today, and in it were a number of writers who need congratulating.

Montynero has provided a Past Imperfect story. This is her/his debut in the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, and gets to see it drawn by none other than Nikolai Dante co-creator Simon Fraser!

T.C. Eglinton has seen print in 2000AD before – if memory serves it was a couple of Future Shocks and a 3hriller – but today he gets his first Judge Dredd story! And Karl Richardson, also a fairly new face, does a great job of bringing T.C.’s story to life.

Living the dream! Now back to your cubicles before you get sent to Mek Quake!

Also congrats are due to Ian Edginton and Steve Yeowell. The Red Seas comes to a conclusion after 10 years and fourteen series. A very impressive run – both in terms of content and duration.