Here a few things that I particularly like at the moment, all are worth checking out and all are great time wasters, which if your day job is like mine is incredibly important…

Mobile Frame Zero – Looking for a new game? love making fun robots out of lego? When then this is for you, this brilliant table top strategy game was funded as a kickstarter project (that site alone is a massive time and funds sink) and once you’ve got your entry pack with the rules you can build your own units to play! They also sell lego kits which I just want for my desk if nothing else.

Looking for some new graphic novels but not sure where to start then check out, the always useful, CBR’s Top 100 novels of 2012. I highly recommend ‘Nao of Brown‘ and if you’re not reading it yet get on board with ‘The Unwritten

One of my favorite and most informative things to watch on-line is the penny arcade sponsored ‘Extra Credits‘. Now onto it’s firth season it’s a brilliant little show which explores the concepts, mechanics, themes, writing and psychology found in gaming. Most of the topics they discuss can be applied to most forms of media though and it’s 100% worth watching.

The final site I’m going to pimp today is io9 which frankly I’m sure most of you will know about. If you enjoy science, science fiction, TV, film or generally geeky topics it’s a great resource. Not many other sites cover universal origin theories, Joss Whedon myths, amazing concept artwork and animals that should be Pokemon. Well none quite so well.