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I thought I’d go ahead and add a few more links and make some recommendations.

Naniiebim I was lucky to meet at the Bristol Comic convention last year and pick up some of her work (Orange). The artwork is lovely and her blog gives a brilliant breakdown in the processes involved in producing and printing your own work!

One of the biggest problems with getting into comics, even small press, is the amount of effort and time it takes to produce physical products to sell. We submitted a story last week and it won’t see print for at least another 8 months, which is why web comics have become so popular. It might not be the same as holding the comic in your hand but for huge access, flexibility, low cost and creative control it can’t be beaten, so below are my recommendations to check out:

Penny Arcade – If you don’t already read this, the most successful web comic franchise of all time, I don’t even know what to say…

SMBC – Always funny and incredibly inventive

XKCD – Clever, far too clever for me sometimes, brilliantly nerdy and they get bonus points for there terrific ‘What if‘ scenarios

VG Cats – For all your gaming goodness, plus love the artwork (plus their pokemon themed comic Super Effective is genius)

PVP – An absolute classic webcomic with brilliant characters

Those are all the classic big hitters that jump to mind, I’ll add some obscure comics and hidden gems soon.