Whoa, write the first post it says… like that’s not daunting!

Well, I guess this might be all anyone reads to start with, but a year from now, no-one’s gonna care because of the amazing content that will have been posted since this first baby step!

Okay, well in that case let’s keep it simple. fifthRifle is here to promote the works and ramblings of two friends just starting out writing comics. We’ve spent far too much of our time reading them, now it’s time to pay-it-forward and write exciting new stories for everyone to love, appreciate and generally alter their life’s course because of… well, maybe the latter aim may be a bit much, but hopefully we can write some stuff that people’ll like and maybe make them stop and think for a minute.

We already have one script accepted that will appear in Jarjaz #18, due in the summer. We’re so grateful to the guys at Jarjaz for giving us opportunity and for getting the wonderful David Broughton to draw it for us. We’ve seen the finished strip and it looks great! If Jarjaz start previewing it on their site you can be sure we’ll post it a link!

We have also submitted a second, much longer story to them just this week. We haven’t had the go ahead yet, but we’re hoping they’ll be happy and David will draw it again for us.

Right, I’ll leave it there. It went okay really, didn’t it? More exciting stuff soon. See ya!